Sabal pumos

Sabal pumos “Royal Palmetto Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout Central Mexico in oak or deciduous forests at elevations between 2000-4000 feet Description: An interesting Sabal palm that can reach heights over 50 feet tall in natural habitat but tends to grow much shorter in cultivation. The pumos resembles a more slender version of a Sabal palmetto. Its thin trunk is light gray or tan and will grow to 6-8 inches in diameter. The crownshaft holds its oldest leaf boots for some time until old age or weather forces them to fall off leaving behind a smooth trunk. The leaves are light green and costapalmate in shape. The pumos is thought by some to be a pre ice age relict, which was forced into tropical Mexico as the earth cooled, and has been preserved there ever since. The most distinguishing trait of the pumos, from other Sabal palms, is its large seeds that can grow to the size of a cherry. Most Sabal seeds tend to grow to the size of ball bearing. Environment: The pumos enjoys a sunny well drained area where it can get a full day of sun. It is cold hardy to the mid 20’s and can handle moderate frosts and freezes with no to minimal damage. Due to its natural habitat in Central Mexico, it is drought tolerant and grows fine in lower humidity environments. As a seedling is a easy palm to grow requiring no special attention other then a well drained planting medium and water.