Licuala parviflora

Licuala parviflora “New Guinea FairLady Palm” Natural Habitat: Endemic to the low mountainous rainforest in Northern Papua New Guinea. Description: A short stemmed solitary palm that can reach heights around 6 feet tall. Licuala parviflora is similar in appearance to the “Lady Palm” Rhapis excelsa, but tends to have more attractive longer and larger leaves. The thin 2-3 inch thick trunk gives way to a sparse crownshaft that emerges 7-10 leaves. 15-20 light green thin leaflets are arranged on the petiole (Branch)in a semi to almost full circle. A commonly used ornamental potted palm, the L. parviflora enjoys growing in small decorative pots. Environment: The L. parviflora enjoys a shady protected area where it will get watered regularly. It can thrive in a large pot for its entire life as long as it regularly watered and kept warm. The parviflora is not cold hardy and can be severely damaged during any long periods of temperatures under 40 degrees, including freezes or frosts. However due to its small stature it can be brought indoors during the winter when the temperature drops.