Hydriastele microspadix

Hydriastele microspadix Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the lowland rainforests in Papua New Guinea. Description: A naturally clumping or sometimes solitary palm that can reach heights over 20 feet tall. The clumps can reach width over 8 feet wide. The slender green to gray trunks are an inch in diameter with small rings left by the oldest falling leaves. The crownshaft is variable in color, but tend to have a bright white hue to them that can fade to a green as the palm ages. 7-9 five foot long leaves emerge from the self-cleaning crownshaft. The light green leaflets are long and thin with jagged ends. This palm is regularly used as a potted palm for a patio or glass house. Environment: The microspadix enjoys a partially sunny moist area where it can get a good mix of sun and shade throughout the day. As a seedling it enjoys a shady area where it can get adequate moisture and humidity. It is cold sensitive and light freezes and frosts can be fatal to this palm. It should be kept in Zones 10-11 only unless it can be brought inside during the winter.