Veitchia Sessilifolia

Veitchia Sessilifolia Natural Habitat: The dense island rainforest of Vanua Levu, off Fiji. Description: A tall sender palm that can reach heights over 30 feet tall. It is one of the most slender Veitchia’s making it a good palm to plant is small clusters. It’s crown shaft varies in color ranging from a green to white. The leaves are feather shade and broad. The Veitchia is a common family of palm in cultivation. However the sessilifolia is rarely seen, and seeds can be hard to come by, making it uncommon. The palm is easy and fast growing given the right conditions. Environemnt: This plant is a swamp dweller, so it enjoys wet conditions, and can also take full sun from an early age. Cold Hardy to the low 30’s it can take mild frost and freezes with minimal to sever damage.