Pritchardia hillebrandii “Dwarf Blue”

Pritchardia hillebrandii “Dwarf Blue” Natural Habitat: Naturally found on the island of Molokai, Hawaii Description: A tall solitary fan palm reaching heights around 20 feet tall high. The palm has stiff bluish-gray fan shaped leaves, that resemble the Bismark Palm, except the leaf ends can be dropping instead of being stiff. The leaves, branches, and crownshaft are covered in a blue-gray felt. The trunk is light gray or tan and lightly ringed. Variety: This palm is very variable and can range in color from green to blue. This variety is the “dwarf blue” variety, and has blue-gray leaves, and crownshaft Environment: The hillebrandii enjoys a sunny moist and well drained area, where it can get a good mix of sun and shade throughout the day. They are fast and easy growers, once established in the ground. They are not cold hardy, and should be kept in Zones 10-11. The green variety is more cold hardy, handling mild frosts and temperatures in the low 30’s. Zones 9b