Prestoea acuminata

Prestoea acuminata “Red Crownshaft Palm” Natural Habitat: Widely distributed throughout the Caribbean Islands, Central America and parts of South America Description: A tall and slender pinnate palm that can reach heights around 20 feet tall. We have seen specimen in Costa Rica that were easily 30 foot tall. It can be either solitary or clustering. The variation is decided by where the parent plant is naturally from. It is known as the red crownshaft palm, due to its colorful crown, that can vary from reddish green to purple. The crown can also have a bulbous base where it meets the trunk. The trunk is light brown or gray with visible rings left by the falling leaves. The colorful crown gives way to, up to a dozen, slightly arching dark green leaves. Environment: The acuminate enjoys a shady moist and well drained area, both as a seedling and adult tree. It requires a tropical environment, where the humidity levels are high. However we have been growing them here in Orlando with no problem so far. They even took temperatures down into the low 30’s with no visible damage. Zones 10-11.