Archontophoennix alexandrae

Archontophoennix alexandrae “Alexander Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally endemic to the Northern coastal forests of Australia. Description: The Alexander is a tall solitary palm very similar to its close cousin the Piccabean palm. The trunk is a grayish color with very noticeable leaf scares. The crown shaft is a variable green to greenish yellow color. The leaves are pinnate and grow along a single plain and tend to stay vertical without dropping past the beginning of the crown shaft. The palm can be grown, in both small clusters and as a single palm Environments: The Alexander palm enjoys a sunny well drained area, where it can et plenty of sun during the day. It is cold hardy to the low 30’s, and can survive temperatures down into the high 20’s with no to minimal damage. This batch of Alexander Palms was recently subject to a winter low of 28, with no to minimal damage. There are larger adult specimen living in Orlando, that also withstood the high 20’s winter with minimal damage.