Phoenix canariensis

Phoenix canariensis Canary Island Date Palm Natural Habitat: Canary Islands Description: The Canary Island Date Palm is a massive tall palm that can reach over 60 feet in height and have a trunk thinker then bridge supports. The massive trunk gives way to a large non-self cleaning crownshaft that can be 10 feet in height and form a massive ball on the top of the tree. Since the tree is non-self cleaning the ball that form on the top of the tree is usually man-made, but still quite impressive. The leaves are a light green, stiff and mostly pinnate along the branches, with long dangerous spines in-between them. Environment: This palm enjoys a sunny moist, but well drained area. It is very cold hardy as an adult, and can take temps down into the 20’s, including frosts, with no visible damage. As an adult tree it can be drought tolerant, but as a seedling we suggest keeping the soils moist.