Ravenea rivularis

Ravenea rivularis “Majesty Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found along river banks, swamps, and rainforest edges throughout Southern and Central Madagascar, Description: A tall solitary palm that can reach 80 feet tall in natural habitat, but usually grows much shorter in cultivation reaching 20-30 feet tall. The crownshaft is usually hidden below the many leaf bases, and emerges between 15-20 long pinnate leaves that can reach 8 feet long. The leaves house 100’s of 2 foot long leaflets that all lie on a flat plane, giving the palm a very elegant appearance. The smooth tan or light gray trunk is covered in small compact rings, left by the oldest falling leaves. Quite common in cultivation, the Majesty palm can be easily found throughout Central and South Florida. They are often seen sold in small clusters of 2-3 to be used as house or patio potted plants. Environment: The rivularis enjoys a sunny moist area where it can get plenty of water throughout the day. As a seedling they need a shady area, but can be moved out into full sun once they reach a 3 gallon size. They are cold hardy to the low 30’s and can handle mild frosts and freezes with minimal damage. Zones 9b-11. As a potted palm, they need to be placed in a sunny area and watered regularly.