Ptychosperma schefferi

Ptychosperma schefferi “Scheffer Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally endemic to the lowland rainforest of Northeastern Indonesian New Guinea and Northwestern Papua New Guinea. Description: A slender Ptychosperma that can reach 20 feet tall and be either solitary or clumping. The thin trunks are light gray or tan with large visible leaf scares. The dark green crownshaft can reach 1-2 feet in heights, and develops a bulbous midsections, giving it a football like appearance. The crownshaft emerges 9-10 lightly arching pinnate leaves. The dark green leaflets are 18 inches long and evenly spaced on the rachis (branch). The schefferi is best planted in small clumps of 3-4, where they will form attractive clusters. Environment: The schefferi enjoys a shady, moist, and well drained area, where it can avoid more then a few hours of full sun throughout the day. It is not very cold hardy and should be kept in zones 10-11 if planted outside. The schefferi is a good potted palm for indoor and patio use in large containers. It only requires a a sunny window or shady area on the porch, where the humidity can be kept up.