Euterpe edulis `Orange Crownshaft`

Euterpe edulis `Orange Crownshaft` “Orange Crown Acai Palm” Natural Habitat: The E. edulis is naturally found throughout the Atlantic costal forest of Brazil, southeastern Paraguay and Northeastern Argentina. The Orange Crownshaft variety is naturally found in the mountainous regions of Northeastern Argentina. Description: The edulis “orange crownshaft” is a medium sized usually solitary, but sometimes clustering palm. It can reach heights between 20-30 feet tall. The edulis is endangered in natural habitat, due to it’s over harvesting for the edible palm heart, which is highly prized and expensive in South America. Since the edulis is mostly solitary, harvesting the palm heart is fatal. The edulis grows a light gray ringed trunk that leads to a light green crownshaft. The “orange” variety has a bright orange crownshaft instead of green. The crown emerges 9-12, 10 feet long light green pinnate leaves, with attractive drooping leaves. Mature palms produce nutritious berries similar to the E. oleracea (Acai Palm). Environment: The orange crownshaft edulis is hardier then the green crownshaft variety, due to its natural habitat in high elevation areas of Argentina. It can handle light frost and freezes with no to minimal damage. Zones 9b-11. The edulis enjoys a partial sunny, partial shady area where it will receive regular moisture throughout the day. If grown in zone 9b, it should be planted in a protected area for cold nights, possibly under canopy.. As a seedling it should be kept under shade and watered regularly.