Dypsis lanceolata

Dypsis lanceolata “Ivovowo Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in the mountainous rainforest on the Comoro Islands. The Comoro Island chain lies in between the African continent and Madagascar. Description: A medium sized, naturally clumping palm that can reach height around 40 feet tall in natural habitat. It is similar in appearance to the Dypsis cabadae, and is sometimes sold as either the D. cabadae or Dypsis pembana. Though similar in appearance, the lanceolata has some distinct characteristics that make it popular with collectors. The lanceolata will begin to clump around a 1-3 gallon size and eventually form a nice size clump. The slender dark green trunks have large white leaf scares, giving it a bamboo like appearance. The large pinnate leaves emerge from a long thin green or white crownshaft. Environment: The lanceloara enjoys a partially shady and moist area where it can get a few hours of sun during the day. It should be planted in a area where it can grow outwards and form a nice clump. It is somewhat cold hardy handling very mild frost and temperatures in the mid 30’s with little damage. We had these seedlings outside during the 2008 South Florida freeze, with no damage. Zones protected 9b-10-11