Cyrtostachys elegans

Cyrtostachys elegans “Lime Lipstick Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in the lowland rainforest in New Guinea Description: A naturally clumping palm that can reach upwards of 30 feet tall. Similar in appearance to its close cousin, the C. renda, accept it does not have a slender bright red crownshaft. The trunk is light green to yellow, with prominent gray leaf scares that leads up to a light green, lime colored crownshaft. The crownshaft emerges 6-10 light green pinnate leaves. The leaves are less arching and then leaflets are less stiff then the C. renda, giving the palm a more elegant appearance. Environment: The C. elegans has very similar environmental requirements as the C. renda. It enjoys a sunny humid and swampy area where it can get plenty of moisture throughout the day. As a seedling, it enjoys a more shady area where it can get watered regularly. It is very cold sensitive, being damaged and possibly dying in any temperatures under 40. So this palm is usually best suited for the tropics. Zones 10b-11. If not grown in the tropics, it will be best suited as a potted palm, and kept indoors (green house) during the winter.