Wallichia disticha 

Wallichia disticha Natural Habitat: Naturally found in the low mountain valleys of Sikkim and the Himalayas, in Northern India. Description: A truly unique solitary palm that can reach heights over 20 feet tall. The leaves emerge from the crown, and form a flat plain on the tree, emerging on just two sides of the trunk, forming a wall of branches. As the new leaves emerge, they begin to lower themselves down the trunk, still growing longer and staying on the tree instead of dying and falling off. This creates a Christmas tree look, where the tree grows smaller as it ascends. The leaves are stiff and pinnate on the branches, with dark green topsides, and silvery undersides. This tree is a slow grower from the start, but tends to pick up speed at a 1 gallon size. This palm only lives to around 20 years old, when it flowers and then dies, so plan accordingly. These seedlings have begun to pick up speed, as a few of them are showing adult leaves. Environment: This palm likes a sunny/shady area, where it will get a few hours of full sun, and the rest of the day it will get partial sun. It enjoys regular watering and a well-drained soil. It is somewhat cold hardy, taking temps down into the mid 30’s. Zones 9-11.