Trachycarpus latisectus 

Trachycarpus latisectus “Windamere Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in a single locality on Mountain Sikkim Himalayas, in Northeast India at elevations as high as 7900 feet above sea level. Description: A solitary fan palm that can reach heights over 30 feet tall. It has a self-cleaning crownshaft that leaves behind a smooth gray/brown trunk. The crown itself is rather small for the palm overall size and emerges 13-16 large leaves. The leaves are the main draw to this palm, and the Latin name. “Latisectus” refers to the broad leaflets on the fan leaves. The leaf has two sections, the round un-divided fan leaf, which gives way to as many as 70 smaller broad and erect leaflets that surround the fan. Truly a unique trait to the Trachycarpus family Environment: The latisectus enjoys a sunny, moist, and well-drained area that gets full sun for most of the day. It is also a very cold hardy palm, easily with standing temperatures in the low teens’, frost, and snow. Zones 7-10. As a seedling it should be kept in a shady area where it can get regular moisture, preventing the palm from drying out. It should also be protected from harsh weather as a young palm, to insure good health and fast growing.