Trachycarpus fortunei 

Trachycarpus fortunei “Windmill Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the mountainous regions of Northern Mayanmar and Central China. Description: A medium sized solitary fan palm that can reach height over 30 feet tall, even though specimen that tall, are not commonly seen in cultivation. The fortunei gets its common name “Windmill Palm”, from its 30-40 leaflets thin and stiff leaflets, that are arranged on its branch in a windmill pattern. The crownshaft is not self cleaning and holds on to its old leaves forming a skirt under the palm. A Fiber like netting covers the crown and upper trunk. The trunk is a dark brown and covered with small knobs left by the oldest leaves. Environment: The Windmill enjoys a sunny moist and well drained area, where it can get a good amount of sun during the day. It is very cold hardy as a adult tree taking temperatures down in to the low teen, with no to minimal damage. It is said to even be able to withstand snow and frost. As a seedling, keep it in a shady area where it can get watered regularly.