Syagrus sancona  

Syagrus sancona “Giant Foxtail” Natural Habitat: Naturally endemic to the rainforest of South America. Description: A tall solitary feather palm that can reach heights well over 50 feet tall. The sancona has an unusual tan/ beige ringed trunk, which separates it from other Syagrus gray trunks. It has large feathered leafs that can reach lengths of over 10 feet long. They tend to be very robust and resemble the Foxtail Palm, hence the common name. Environment: The sancona enjoys a sunny, moist and well drained are, where it can get a good amount of sun throughout the day. It grows rather fast and can reach a plant-able size in less than 3 years. It is cold hardy to the low 30’s, and can withstand mild frost with minimal damage.