Syagrus coronata 

Syagrus coronata “Licury Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in Eastern Brazil, where it can found growing in both wet lowland areas and dry desert like areas. Description: The coronata is one of the most interesting members of the Syagrus family, having both a unique leaf base pattern and bluish green leaves. This solitary palm grows to heights around 40 foot tall with a foot wide trunk. The old leaf bases remain on the trunk after the leaves die off, forming a spiraling pattern. The leaf bases will eventually fall off, leaving behind a slightly bumpy or rigid round trunk. The oldest falling leaf bases are replaced by newer leaf bases, so the palm always has some form of visible screw pattern. The leaflets are dark green above and bluish silver underneath and grow on the rachis (branch) at different angles giving the whole leaf a very full appearance. Environment: Due to its wide range of natural habitat, the coronata can handle a wide range of cultivation habitats. It can handle dry and wet conditions, even though very wet areas can eventually lead to root rot. The coronata enjoys a sunny well drained area where it will get regular watering. It is cold hardy to the low 30’s and can handle light frosts and freezes with minimal damages. If possible it should be protected outside Zone 10. Zones 9b-11. As a seedling it like full shade but can be put into full sun after it grows into a 1 gallon pot.