Syagrus botryophora  

Syagrus botryophora “Pati Queen Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the central Atlantic coast of Brazil, where it grows in lowland rainforests. Description: A solitary fast growing palm that can reach heights over 50 feet tall with a 1 foot diameter trunk. The botryophora is one of the best looking member of the Syagrus species, and usually ranks high in collectors lists of overall favorite palms. The botryophora supports a unusually high amount of leaves up and down its trunk, keeping upwards of 15 leaves growing over a 10-15 foot section of trunk. The trunk is smooth and light gray or tan, and looks best if the oldest dead leaves are trimmed off. Slightly too heavily arching leaves emerge from the crown, with the arch increasing as the leaves age and move further down the trunk. The dark green stiff leaflets emerge from the rachis (branch) in a upwards V pattern. Even though the botryophora grows very tall, it does not take up a lot of overall space making it a great palm to plant among other landscape plants. It also looks very good if a few palms of varying sizes are planted next to each other. Environment: The botryophora enjoys a sunny well drained area where it can get regular watering. It is adaptable to a wide range of warm climates and can grow in dryer areas of the country. It is cold hardy to the low 30’s and can handle light freezes and frosts with mild to severe leaf damage, but will come back over time. Zones 10-11, marginal 9b