Socratea exorrhiza 

Socratea exhorriza Natural Habitat: Found naturally throughout the Amazon rainforest and South America Description: A tall, very slender stilt rooted palm that can reach heights over 60 feet tall. The stilt roots can reach heights 10 feet above ground level, branching off the trunk in a TP style cone shape. The crownshaft is a bluish green color while the leaves are dark green and fish tail shaped. This palm grows in large groups found throughout South America, where it can grow both below and above the tree canopy. The tree seeds often, but the seeds are hard to come by since the trees grow so tall and slender they cannot be easily climbed. Environment: This tree likes a sunny moist well-drained area. It tends to be very cold sensitive and should be protected during any harsh weather. We lost a batch of seedlings to a mild frost. Zones 10-11 The seedling grows rather fast if given plenty of water and a hot shady area.