Sabal yapa 

Sabal yapa “Thatch Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally from the open forest of Belize, the Yucatan Peninsula, and Western Cuba Description: A tall solitary fan palm that can reach heights between 30-40 feet tall. The yapa has a light gray to brown callous trunk, which can become rather large in diameter. The fan shaped leaves are very finely divided, giving the leaves a ribbon like appearance. The leaves can also have a bluish tint to them when they first emerge from the crownshaft. As old leaves die on the tree, they turn brown and form a skirt of dead leaves on the palm. These old leaves can be trimmed off, to give the palm a cleaner look. The yapa is similar to other sabal’s in cultivation, but not often seen. It is a slow growing palm, but weel worth the wait. Environment: The yapa enjoys a sunny moist, but well drained area, where it can get plenty of sun during the day. It is cold hardy to the low 30’s and can even handle small amounts of frost with minimal damage. As a seedling, it only needs a shady area where it can get watered regularly.