Sabal X Riverside 

Sabal “Riverside” “Riverside Palm” Natural Habitat: An odd history surrounds the Sabal “Riverside”. No Sabal palms are endemic to Riverside, CA. However the first and only true form of this palm was discovered by a single specimen growing in Riverside, CA. This single specimen has mothered all seeds and seedlings correctly sold under the name Sabal “Riverside”. Due to the unique nature of this palm, it has no true natural habitat, but Riverside, CA is where the mother palm calls home. Description: A very unique Sabal palm similar in appearance to other Sabal palms. The main draw to this palm is the bluish-green costapalmate fan shaped leaves that develop as the palm ages, separating it from any other Sabal palm. The Riverside is a solitary palm that reaches heights around 30 feet tall. It keeps its old leaf bases for some time, before they eventually fall off, much like other Sabal Palms. The trunk is thick and light gray or tan depending on it environment. Most experts believe the Sabal “Riverside” to be a hybrid Sabal and not just a rare genetic variation. Thought by most experts, the “Riverside” is some strange hybridization between one or two species of Sabal’s found throughout the Caribbean. We have heard possibly S. bermudana or S domingensis. Environment: Overall the palm grows much like other Sabal palms handling many different climates and environments. The “Riverside” enjoys a sunny, well drained area where it can get adequate moisture. It is drought tolerant and able to grow in almost any soil type. The “Riverside” is cold hardy to the low teens and can handle frost and freezes with no problem. Zones 8-11.