Roystonea regia 

Roystonea regia “Florida Royal Palm” Natural Habitat: Found naturally throughout Florida, Cuba, and Honduras Description: A massive solitary palm that can reach heights well over 50 feet tall. The trunk is light gray in color, with visible leaf scares that appear as rings around the trunk The trunk can also develop either a bulbous base or mid section, depending on its environment and genetics. The crown shaft is bright green in color, giving way to a large head of 10-15 dark green plumose leaves. Environment: This palm enjoys a moist, well-drained soil where it can get full sun as an adult. As a seedling, it like plenty of water and a shady area. It is somewhat cold hardy and can handle light freezes as adults. There are large specimens growing here in Orlando Florida. Zones 9-11. Smaller juvenile palms can handle the cold weather if they are aloud time to acclimate first, such as here in Orlando, and then planted. Taking adult tree from more southern area, Zone 10, and then planting them in Zone 9 will have a much harder time surviving.