Rhopalostylis baueri 

Rhopalostylis baueri “Norfolk Island Palm” Natural Habitat: Found naturally throughout Norfolk Island, off the Eastern Coast of Australia. (North of New Zealand.) Description: A medium size palm that can reach heights over 20 feet tall. The baueri has a short stout trunk that grows unusually thick for its overall height. The trunk is light green with white leaf scares. The crown is also stout, dark green in color, and unusually long for its overall height. The branches are erect, and ascend from the crownshaft pointing upwards to the sky. The leaves are stiff and point upwards, usually keeping their shape and not dropping. Environment: This palm enjoys a temperate sub-tropical environment, where it can be protected from the elements, with half sun/shade and moist soil. It is very cold hardy and can take light freezes and temperatures down into the 20’s, making it perfect for areas the border warmer climates, such as Orlando or San Francisco. Zones 8-10. There are adult specimens growing in San Francisco. This palm does not enjoy high humidity levels. As a seedling it will enjoy protected area where it will get plenty of shade and water