Ptychosperma burretianum  

Ptychosperma burretianum “Burret Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in eastern Papua New Guinea where it can be found growing under canopy in mountainous rainforests. Description: A medium sized, naturally clustering palm that can reach a total height around 25 feet tall. The palm begins life as a single palm and will begin to clump as a 1G palm, eventually forming a thick clump with 10-20, 1 inch diameter stems. The light gray to silver white crownshaft emerges 8-12, 5-6 foot long slightly arching leaves. The dark green leaflets are fishtail shaped and regularly spaced along the rachis (branch). The new leaves emerge red, pink or orange, making the new leaves stand out from the other green foliage in the clump. Environment: The burretianum enjoys a wet shady area where it has room to form a large clump. It can also handle full sun as it ages, but tends to look much healthier in shade. It is best planted under canopy where it can get some filtered light throughout the day. It is not cold hardy and can be badly damaged during any temperatures under 35. Our seedlings did survive the 2010 winter freeze unprotected, but had mild damage. Zones 10-11 marginal protected 9b. It also fares well as a potted palm that can be brought inside during cold winter nights.