Pseudophoenix vinifera 

Pseudophoenix vinifera “Wine Palm” “Cherry Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found on dry hillside areas of Hispaniola, where it is endangered of extinction due to over harvesting for wine making. A fine wine can be made from this palm by cutting it down and squeezing out the sugary sap out of the trunk and then fermented. Description: A large solitary palm that can reach heights over 70 feet tall in habitat, but tends to grow much shorter in cultivation. The trunk is light gray or tan with large dark gray rings left by the leaves which fall off the self-cleaning crown shaft as the palm grows. As the trunk nears the crownshaft, it begins to swell and grow fatter than the more slender trunk near the base of the palm. The greenish white or silvery crownshaft is short and stumpy reaching 2 feet in height and emerging 12-14 leaves. The 10-12 foot long pinnate leaves tend to be a interesting a interesting green color with tones of blue and silvery in them. A slow growing palm, the vinifera takes patience and years to reach mature heights, but the wait is well worth your time. The vinifera is said to be a great indoor palm if placed near a sunny window or wall. Due to its slow growth it would be best to place a large specimen indoors rather than letting a smaller palm grow large indoors. Environment: The vinifera enjoys a sunny moist and well drained area where it can get plenty of sun throughout the day. Being drought tolerant the vinifera can be planted in a drier area of the yard. A cold sensitive palm, the vinifera should be kept in warm tropical regions where temps do not drop below 35. Zones 10-11