Pritchardia thurstonii  

Pritchardia thurstonii “Thurston Fan Palm” “Lau Fan Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the coastal regions of the Fiji island. Description: A tall solitary palm that can reach heights around 30 feet tall in cultivation, and 50 feet tall in habitat. A great driveway and avenue palm, the thurstonii grows tall and is self cleaning, dropping its old leaves and boots keeping a very clean and smooth closely ringed trunk. The white powdery crownshaft emerges upwards of 20 round palmate leaves at a time, giving the crown a very full egg shape. The leaves are dark green in color, while being stiff and heavily segmented. Similar in appearance to Pritchardia pacifica, the thurstonii can be differentiated from the pacifica by its inflorescence that extend far beyond the leaf crown of the palm. Environment: The thurstonii enjoys a sunny area where it will get watered regularly. It is very salt tolerant and will fair very well in coastal regions where salt spray and winds can be problematic. A cold sensitive palm, the thurstonii is not tolerant of frost or freezes and should be kept in tropical regions. Zones 10-11. As a seedling it should be kept in a partial sunny area where it will get watered regularly.