Pinanga insignis 

Pinanga insignis “Pinang Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the open forest of the Philippines. Description: The tallest species in the Pinanga family, this solitary palm can grow to heights over 30 feet tall. The trunk is a dark green color with light brown leaf scares. The crownshaft is a bright purple that gives the palm a nice contrast. The crown emerges 6-10 long braches, with evenly arranged pinnate green leaves. The seeds turn bright red once ripe, adding even more color to this palm. Environment: The insignis enjoys a sunny moist area where it can get a good helping of full sun during the day. This palm is a water lover, and should be watered regularly to insure it will not dry out. This palm is cold sensitive and should be kept in Zones 10-11. Any temperatures under the mid 30’s can cause serious damage. As a seedling, keep the seedling in a moist shady area where it will get watered every day.