Phoenix sylvestris 

Phoenix sylvestris Sylvester Palm Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the open grassland and forest in India. Description: A tall slender phoenix palm that can reach heights over 30 feet tall, similar in appearance to the Canary Island Date Palm. The Sylvester has a slender trunk that tends to keep its leaf scares, giving the trunk a nice textured appearance. The leaves are usually silver in color; although some can be more silver then others, while a few are even a light green color. The silver color does not appear in the palm until it reaches a 3-5 gallon size. The branches are also covered in large spines, in-between the leaves, so trimming can be quite a risk. Environment: The Sylvester enjoys a sunny moist, but well drained area, where it can get plenty of room to grow. It can be a very fast grower if given the right growing conditions, unlike other members of the Phoenix family. It is very cold hardy as an adult, and can take temps down into the 20’s, including frosts, with no visible damage. As an adult tree it can be drought tolerant, but as a seedling we suggest keeping the soils moist.