Normanbya normanbyi  

Normanbya normanbyi ”Black Palm” Habitat: Northern Queensland rainforest Description: A tall solitary palm reaching heights over 60 feet tall. It closely resembles the Foxtail Palm “Wodyetia bifurcata. Both the green crownshaft and bushy leaves resemble the Foxtail Palm, with a little more class. The normanbyi’s trunk is slender and slowly turns black as it ages, hence the common name Black Palm. Even though it is very similar to the Foxtail Palm, it has a more clean look, separating it from its cousin. Environment: The normanbyi also grows a lot like the foxtail. However, it is a little more finicky, and calls for more attention It likes to be shaded and always kept moist while younger. It can take more sun as it grows larger, and can eventually be planted in full sun. It can also take small amounts of cold weather, including mild frost, if planted in a protected area. There is a large mature specimen growing at Leu Gardens, here in Orlando, Florida. Zones 9-10-11