Neoveitchia storckii 

Neoveitchia storckii “Black Crown Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the Fijian rainforests Description: A tall feather palm that can reach heights over 30 feet tall. It has a thick tan trunk, with heavy leaf scars having a darker brown color. The crown shaft starts black and fades to a dark green as it reaches the top. The top of the crown shaft is robust, giving way to 3-4 layers of branches. The palm usually will have 7-8 branches on the crown shaft at any time, giving the palm a very full head. The leaves are pinnate and evenly spaced along the branch, much like the Veitchia family. Environment: This palm needs a warm environment to survive, so zones 10-11 only. It is not cold hardy and can be badly damaged during any temperatures below 35. It enjoys partial shade as an adult and lots of water. It is a rather fast grower once established.