Metroxylon warburgii 

Metroxylon warburgii “War Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally endemic to the low swampy areas of Vanuatu, New Hebrides, and Western Samoa. Description: The warburgii is a solitary growing palm reaching heights over 30ft. It is relatively fast growing reaching maturity around 8-10 years. After it reaches maturity it will flower once and then die. The palm has large spines around the leaf base, even from the time it sprouts. Some warburgii can have a new red leaf that will stay red for a month or so. Envornment: A very fast growing palm the warburgii enjoys a lot of water including regular flooding. Due to its fast growth rate it should be planted in the ground ASAP, reaching a 15G size by year 2 after sprouting. It is not cold hardy and light frost or freezes will most likely be fatal. Temperature zones 10 &11