Livistona decipiens  

Livistona decipiens “Ribbon Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in open forest throughout the eastern coastal region of Queensland, Australia. Description: A tall solitary fan palm that can reach heights around of 50 feet tall. The decipiens gets its common name “Ribbon Palm” from its long leaflets, which are deeply divided from center of the costapalmate leaf, and drop down resembling hanging ribbons. The leaves sit on the end of 6 foot long petioles (branch) that are armed with small thorns. The leaflets are usually light green, and can sometimes have a bluish tint to them. The crownshaft emerges upwards of 40 leaves, giving the palm a very full, but open appearance. The trunk is lightly ringed, and is either light gray or tan in color. A fast growing palm, the decipiens can develop a trunk in 3-4 years. Environment: The decipiens enjoys a sunny moist area where it will have plenty of room to grow upwards. This palm can be drought tolerant once established and planted in areas where it will not get regular watering. However, this palm will grow much faster if given regular watering. The decipiens is cold hardy to the low 20’s, and can survive freezes and frosts. As a younger palm it should be protected during any freezing weather. Zones 9-11, marginal 8b.