Licuala peltata var. sumawongii 

Licuala peltata var. sumawongii Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the understory rainforest in Thailand and Malaysia Description: A medium sized solitary Licuala that can reach heights around 15 feet tall in overall height. The leaves are circular and undivided in shape, while glossy light green in color. Almost a perfect circle, the large leaves end with small teeth that resemble a saw blade. The leaves are held on long slender branches (petioles). The slender gray or brown trunk is not usually seen as the large leaves hide the trunk from sight. After the palm gets 1-2 feet of wood, the trunk can be more easily seen as the leaves tend to be held out over the trunk, parallel to the ground. The trunk can be covered in old leave bases, as the crownshaft is not self cleaning. The palm is slow growing and will not develop a trunk for 5-6 years, but well worth the wait This variation is much different than the common peltata, which is a split leafed formed. There has been much confusion over this species and it classification. It was originally brought into cultivation and sold under a few different names, (Mostly Licuala elegans, which is a very small Licuala to 5 feet tall) causing confusion in the palm world. Environment: This palm enjoys a shady, humid, and well drained area, which is protected from strong winds and other elements. It is cold hardy and can handle temperatures down into the low 30’s with no to minimal damage. It is said to grow well in SoCal, where other Licuala’s do not survive. As a seedling, keep it in a shady moist area, where it will get watered regularly.