Licuala orbicularis 

Licuala orbicularis Natural Environment: Naturally found in the understory rainforest of Sarawak, Boreno Description: One of the most attractive of all Licuala family, which is very highly prized by collectors. The orbicularis is a small solitary understory palm that can reach heights around 6-8 feet tall. It reaches its total height by emerging larger leaves, and usually does not develop an above ground trunk. The orbicularis is so sought after for its almost completely circular leaves, from which it was named after. The leaves are also heavily pleated and a dark glossy green color. It is a very slow growing palm that requires patience and a green thumb. Often referred to as the rich mans grandis, as it is similar, but less attractive, in appearance to the L. grandis Environment: The orbicularis enjoys a shady very moist area, where it gets protected from the sun, strong winds and other tough environmental factors. It is cold sensitive, and should only be left to grow outside in Zone 10-11. It can withstand temps in the low 50’s with no signs of damage for zones outside of 10-11. As a seedling it needs a very shady area where it will get watered regularly