Kentiopsis oliviformis

Kentiopsis oliviformis “Miraguama Palm” “Olive Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in New Caledonia, where it grows in lowland forests and valleys, and along hillsides at elevations under 1000 feet. It is believed to be the tallest palm that naturally grows within New Caledonia. Description: A solitary palm that can reach heights over 100 feet tall in habitat, but tends to stay much shorter in cultivation. This great palm gets one of its common names and epithet oliviformis from the olive color to the crownshaft and olive shape and size to its fruits. The K. oliviformis has a long skinny crownshaft that can reach 3 feet tall and is dark green with hints of brown or purple. The self-cleaning crownshaft emerges 7-12 foot pinnate leaves. The dark green leaflets reach 2-3 feet long and all lie on a flat plane along the rachis (branch), creating a very clean appearance to the palm. Small closely spaced rings cover the light green or gray trunk, created by the oldest leaves falling from the crownshaft. Environment: The K. oliviformis enjoys a sunny or partially shaded moist area. Due to its height potential it should be planted in an area where it can grow tall. It can adapt to a wide range of soils and is easily grow in most tropical areas. K. oliviformis is best planted in small colonies of 3-5 palms to create a nice canopy once mature. It is cold hardy to the low 30’s and can handle light freezes and frosts with minimal damage and leaf burn. Zones 9b-11. It can also be used as a potted palm that can be brought inside during the winter.