Johannesteijsmannia perakensis 

Johannesteijsmannia perakensis “Joey on a Stick Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally endemic to Central Peninsular Malaysia where it grows in low mountainous rainforests. Description: A great palm for any collection the J. perakensis, is the only member of the Johannesteijsmannia family to develop a above ground trunk. The J. perakensis is a solitary palm that can reach heights over 20 feet high, due a long slender trunk that grows to 12 feet in length. The undivided large leathery leaves are the most desirable trait of this palm. They can reach 10 feet long and remain undivided throughout life, even through harsh elements unlike other palms with undivided leaves. The overall shape of the undivided leaves can be compared to a elongated diamond. A slow goring palm, the J. perakensis can take upwards to 10 years to develop a viewable trunk, but it is well worth the wait. Environment: The J. perakensis enjoys a shady, moist and well drained understory area where it can avoid too much direct sunlight throughout the day. Due to its slow growing nature, it should be planted in a area where other plants will not overtake it throughout the years. The J. perakensis is not cold hardy and should be grown in zones 10-11 only. It cannot handle sub 40 temperatures well, and should be protected if the temperatures are to drop under 40. However they can be grown well in zones 9a-9b if kept in a green house during the winter.