Hyphaene coriacea  

Hyphaene coriacea “Ginger Bread Palm” Natural Habitat: The Ginger Bread palm is naturally found throughout South Africa. It can grow in both temperate dry areas where they tend to dominate the landscape, and moister areas where it shares a habitat with other large African species. This tree is common in the wild but very rare in cultivation outside a few collectors and botanical gardens. Description: The coriacea is a large fan palm that can reach heights over 30 feet tall. The leaves are whitish-green in color that emerges from yellow-white branches that have small thorns the run along them. The trunk is covered in old leaf branches, (much like a Washingtonian Palm) which turn a interesting black color with gray accents. The tree can sometimes exhibit a dichotomous branching trait that is fairly rare in the palm family and thought to be prehistoric. The splitting branches can form a rather unusual and almost oak tree like appearance. It can also take a short clumping form that grows suckers from the bases of the palm. This is the most usual form of the tree The Ginger Bread palm gets its name from a local African beverage fermented from the sap of the tree. It is said to have a ginger like taste when fresh. Environment: This palm enjoys a sunny moist area where it can be allowed plenty of room to grow tall and wide. It is cold hardy down into the low 30’s with adult specimen growing here in Orlando, FL zone 9.