Hyophorbe verschaffeltii 

Hyophorbe verschafeltii “Spindle Palm” Natural Habitat: From the Mascarene Island of Rodriguez. Even though it is fairly common in cultivation, it is very rare to be found in the wild. It is extremely endangered with less then 60 plants left in its natural habitat Description: The Spindle Palm gets its name from its unusual trunk and crownshaft that resembles a spindle of string. The crownshaft is rather long for it’s over size and can range in bright colors from shades of green, orange, dark purple, yellow and white. The trunk is light gray and develops darker gray leaf scares as the old leaves fall off from the self-cleaning crown. The arching pinnate leaves are short and light green. The palm is naturally solitary, but can be found within cultivation in very interesting clusters. The Palm is slow growing at first, but picks up speed around a 3 gallon size. Environment: As an adult tree, the Spindle enjoys a sunny area where it will get watered regularly. As a seedling, it needs a lot of shade and water. Zones 9-11. The Spindle is cold hardy and can take temperatures down into the 30’s without showing any or much damage.