Hyophorbe lagenicaulis  

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis “Bottle Palm” Natural Habitat: The bottle palm is extremely endangered, and said to be extinct in some of its natural habitat of the Round Islands of Mascarenes. It is pretty common in cultivation, but is still a sought after palm, grabbing nice prices on the market. Description: The bottle palm got its name from its bottle shaped trunk. It has a bottle neck shaped green crown shaft and swollen grey trunk, resembling a cola bottle in overall shape. The crownshaft emerges 5-9 light or dark green pinnate leaves. It is a slow growing palm solitary palm that grows well as a potted palm. It can be grown in large small clusters of 2-3, but is usually seen growing solitary. They do not reach great heights, usually topping out at around 10ft, but can reach much larger heights over decades. Environment: The Bottle Palm enjoys a sunny moist area. Due to its slow growing nature, it should be planted in a area where other plants will not overgrow and shade it from the sun. It is cold hardy to the 35 degrees, and should be highly protected during temperatures under that, since light freezes and frost can be fatal or cause heavy damage. Bringing the palm indoor during the winter is suggested if grow out of Zone 10-11.