Hydriastele pinangoides 

Hydriastele pinangoides “New Guinea Lady Palm” Formally: “Gronophyllum pinanoides” All members of the Gronophyllum family have been moved into the Hydriastele family. Natural Habitat: Naturally found in the undergrowth low mountainous rainforests of Northern West Papua, New Guinea. Description: A naturally clustering palm with slender stems that can reach 20 feet tall in natural habitat. The slender stems will form a dense cluster over time, emerging from the palms base. A single palm is can form its own clump in time. The stems are light green and can be somewhat spotted, usually never growing thicker than 1 inch in diameter. The crownshaft is also light green, and is no thicker then the stem, emerging 5-8 leaves. The newest leaf emerges a bright red or maroon, leaving it to stand out from the green foliage within the clump. The red color will fade to a mottled green pattern over a few weeks. The 4-10 fishtailed leaflets are irregularly shaped and unevenly spaced along the rachis. (branch) Environment: The pinangoides enjoys a shady moist area where it will get a little filtered sun throughout the day. As a seedling, it requires heavy shade and should be left out of the sun all together. This palm does well as a potted palm and can survive just fine on a shaded patio, and brought inside during the winter.