Heterospathe elata 

Heterospathe elata “Sagisi Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the rainforests of the Philippines and Micronesia. It will grow in the understory rainforests for years before it pops out above the canopy. Description: A solitary palm that can reach heights over 50 feet tall in habitat. This elegant palm closely resembles a Coconut palm when mature. Its 10 foot long leaves are pinnate with slightly pendulous leaflets. Juvenile plants will emerge new leaves with a red or pink color. As the palm matures the new colored leaves will fade away. A thin trunk to 1 foot wide supports a thin self-cleaning crownshaft which emerges 12-15 leaves. Environment: The elata enjoys a sunny wet area with a very organic lose mulched soil. As a seedling is requires a shady area until it reaches a 7 gallon size. Even though this palm looks great as a solitary palm in a landscape, it is best to plant a few of them next to each other at varying heights. The elata will not tolerate frosts or freezes without heavy damage. Zones 10-11.