Gaussia attenuata 

Gaussia attenuata “Llume Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found on limestone hillsides and plains in the monsoonal region of western Puerto Rica. Description: An unusual slow growing solitary palm that can reach heights over 50 feet tall in habitat, but tends to stay much shorter in cultivation. The attenuata holds a sparse crown, consisting of only 3-6 light green pinnate leaves at a time. While a young palm, the attenuata has a very swollen trunk giving it a bottle shape and appearance. As time passes the trunk will thin out to the point where it seems like it should snap under the weight of the crownshaft above. Environment: The attenuata enjoys a sunny well drained area where it can get total sun throughout the day. As a young palm and seedling it should be kept in a partially shady area where it will not dry out. Being drought tolerant, it can be planted in a dry area where it will not get watered regularly. This palm is not cold hardy and should be kept from freezing temperatures. Zones 10-11, marginal 9b where humidity is high. An alkaline soil lover, this palm should be given regular treatments of lime or dolomite to keep this palm happy.