Euterpe oleracea

Euterpe oleracea "Assai Palm or Acai Palm" Natural Habitat: Found naturally throughout the Northern areas of South America. It is also farmed on large plantations in South America for its berries. Description: The oleracea is a naturally clumping palm, which can reach heights close to 100 foot tall, with long slender trunks. A single clump can form into a dense wall of trees, once it begins to seeds. The crown shaft is long and skinny, giving way to lengthy drooping leaves. Acai Berry: The Acai or Assai berry is now growing trend, here in the states, but it has been used for centuries in South America, mostly for its nutritional value. The berry can be used to make juice or wine, as well as oils, liquors, and sweets. The berries are small and round, turning a purple/black color when ripe. A mature clump of tree can produce a few hundred pounds of berries a year. Environment: The oleracea enjoys a half sunny, half shady area where is can stay wet. As a seedling, it likes a shady moist area where it is protected from any strong elements.