Dypsis sanctaemarie 

Dypsis sanctaemarie Natural Habitat: Naturally found in a single location, on the island of Saine Marie, off the North-East coast of Madagascar. Description: A short clustering palm that can reach heights around 8 feet tall. The sanctaemarie forms small sparse cluster of palms with thin trunks. The trunks and crownshaft are very variable in color and can have different combinations of white, red, pink, yellow, and orange. The leaves are semi-pinnate with a hint of bi-fold, and emerge from the crownshaft ascending straight up, until the begin to drop as newer leaves take over. This palm is a great species for a potted palm, due to its short height and colorful crown/trunk. It is also sensitive to the cold, so it should be brought in during the winter Environment: The sanctaemarie enjoys a shady, moist, and warm area where it will not get full sun during the day. It is cold sensitive and should be kept indoors during any temperatures below 40. Zone 10-11 outdoors. As a seedling, keep the young palm moist and in a warm shady area, where it will be protected from any strong winds.