Dypsis rivularis 

Dypsis rivularis Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the rainforest of Madagascar, usually along stream banks. Description: A solitary palm that can reach heights around 20 feet tall. They have a slender liht green trunk that has large rings or leaf scares, left by the falling leaves. The crown shaft is very variable in color, ranging from hues of pink, yellow, red, and green. The large pinnate leaves, are light green, and can reach lengths over 8 feet long. Environment: This is an easily grown palm if given the right conditions, and enjoys a shady moist place to grow. It can take a couple hours of full sun a day, once established. Since this palm lives near streams it loves the water, so don’t be shy when watering. Some have even advised to grow them in a flooded area with an inch of the pot underwater.