Dypsis penmbana  

Dypsis pembana “Pembana Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found in the rainforest on a single island named Pemba, off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. Description: A medium sized clustering palm that can reach heights over 30 feet tall. The most impressive characteristic of this palm is its whitish/green trunk that has a tie-die appearance. The trunk has very noticeable white leaf scares. The crown shaft is bright green and gives way to 10-12 long arching branches. The leaves are a dark green, with very visible leaf veins, and evenly arranged along the branches. Environment: This palm enjoys a sunny moist, but well drained area. It is cold sensitive and should be protected in the winter if temps drop down below the 40’s. Zones 9b-11. We have large specimen growing here in Orlando, which showed little signs of damage last winter when the temperatures dropped below the 40’s.