Dypsis onilahensis  

Dypsis onilahensis Recently re-named: Previously Dypsis brevinodia Habitat: Widely distributed throughout the river line rainforest of North, Central, and South-West Madagascar. Description: A tall clustering palm that can reach heights around 60 feet tall. It has a slender grayish green trunk with small leaf scares. The crownshaft is bright white in color that descends down onto the trunk. The leaves are the most interesting part of this palm. The leaves are pinnate and closely spaced along the branch. The leaves do not extend outward, but almost fall as they leave the branch, giving them a very neat uniform appearance Environment: This tree enjoys a sunny well-drained area, where it will get watered regularly. It can is not overly cold sensitive but should be kept in a warmer area of the country, where temperatures will not fall below the mid 30’s. Zones 9-11.