Dypsis lutescens  

Dypsis lutescens “Golden Cane Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout Madagascar. Description: A naturally clustering feather palm, which can reach heights over 30 feet tall. The palm has a very variable trunk, ranging in many different colors, with large rings left by falling leaves. White, yellow, green, orange, and brown are all different shades we have seen on the trunk. As the palm grows, the oldest trunk sections will slowly fade to brown or gray. The self-cleaning crownshaft is also very colorful, emerging 6-10 long arching pinnate leaves. The palm is quite common in cultivation, seen in large clusters, and often used as fencing or walls. While this palm is naturally clustering, it is common for nursery men to plant upwards of ten seedlings in a single pot, to speed up the clustering process. This also leads to fuller, larger clumps. Environment: The lutescens enjoys a sunny, moist and well drained area, where it will get plenty of sun during the day. Once established the tree will take off, so make sure to plant it in an open area where it will have room to clump. It is cold sensitive, and shows sign of damage if temperatures dip into the low 30’s. Zones 9b-11. However, we have seen clumps survive hard freezes, with temperatures in the low 20’s. Many of the trees within the clump may die, but the clump should live on, recovering throughout the year.