Dypsis deciepiens  

Dypsis decipiens “Manambe Palm” Natural Habitat: Naturally found throughout the Central Plateau region, in Madagascar. Description: A tall, mostly solitary, but occasionally clustering (usually with just two trunks) palm that can reach heights around 60 feet tall. The palm has a gray thick trunk that can develop a large bulge in either the center or bottom of the trunk. The crownshaft is a greenish-white color, usually more white as a younger tree that fades to a greenish-white as it ages. The branches are long and arching with stiff ascending leaves that can droop with age or harsh weather. This palm is critically endangered in its natural habitat, making the export of seeds and young tree nearly impossible. However due to its attractiveness with collectors, some seeds are becoming available from old specimen in private collections. We got our seeds and pictures from a Botanical Garden in Costa Rica. Environment: This palm enjoys a sunny moist, but well drained area where it will get full sun for most of the day. It is very cold hardy and can take mild freeze and frost with no to minimal damage. Zone 9-11. As a seedling it is easily grow if given a shady area and moist soil. It is slow growing, but well worth the wait.